Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mellow Yellow got Boo-Boos

I'm sitting in the kitchen when I hear a loud "ka-BLOOWIE" out on the street.

"Jumping Jehosophat," I exclaimed. "That sounded like it was right in front of the house! I better go see what happened."

What happened was a Pontiac Bonneville driven by a COCC student hurrying down our street swerved to the right to avoid an oncoming car. By doing so, he hit the driver's side rear of a 1975 VW bus parked along the curb, driving the bus over the curb, into our driveway, and striking my 1984 VW camper van, Mellow Yellow.

No one was hurt. The driver was plenty apologetic. His dad showed up after a bit and he was plenty apologetic. The driver had insurance. The owner of the bus that he hit had insurance. I have insurance. The police wrote up a report, citing the boy for careless driving.

The Bonneville and the 1975 bus were hauled away on two flatbeds.

A good time was had by all.

I'll have Mellow Yellow inspected tomorrow to make sure the damage isn't more than cosmetic. Probably need the wheels aligned because the impact from the VW bus pushed the rear of Mellow Yellow sideways at least three feet.


  1. Donovan would be impressed with this tale!

  2. Is this going to interfere with the planned "mancation"?

  3. Probably not. I just had the mechanic at Steve's Shop take a look at the van. He didn't find any visual mechanical issues. The damage seems to be purely cosmetic.

    He doesn't expect there to be any trouble caused by the three feet the rear was driven sideways, said the vans were nice and strong, but to be sure, he has me taking it over to Alignment Techniques to make sure the thing is still square, etc.

    The guy had his own body shop for a bunch of years. He looked at the damage to the body and asked who the insurance company was for the guy that caused the damage. When I told him, he said that they were good guys, he's worked with them a lot, and they would simply do an appraisal, a fair one, and cut a check.

    I asked about the scenario where they simply try to total the van, and he looked surprised and said it won't happen, not around here anyway, where these vans enjoy a high resale value because people really like them.

    I'll take it to the alignment shop tomorrow.

    I can always get my deposit back from the strippers as long as I cancel more than two weeks in advance. They have a very good policy.

  4. Poor "Mellow Yellow"....let us know the update on "Mellow Yellow."

    I'm so glad no one was hurt. Geeza!!!! Wow!

    Oh.....that's a great pic of you guys! That's cool you included in your blog! :-) -Malia


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