Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Holy Shit! cosmetic surgery; and Blondes Laugh at Nerds

Holy shit!
Something far more common in Los Angeles than in Bend is totally freaky cosmetic surgery. I don't know who that woman was who Mrs Elliott and I saw at last night's Ottmar Liebert performance, but she was scary.

Not as scary as the woman on the left, but she'd had a lot of work done on her, and was heading in the same direction.


IN OTHER NEWS, a couple nights ago I'm laying in bed, reading a book, with reading glasses on, minding my own damn business, when Mrs Elliott, head on pillow next to me, starts giggling.

"What are you laughing at?"

"You," she said. "Blondes laugh at nerds."

Stupid girls.


  1. There've been a lot more scary-looking cosmetic surgery jobs in and around Bend since the Southern Californians started to arrive. The SoCal cougars with their face lifts, silicone boobs, collagen-puffy lips etc. used to congregate in the Merenda bar in search of prey. I don't know what their favorite haunt is now.

  2. Jack's not against the aesthetically-pleasing boob job, the little unobtrusive tuck, but is creeped out by the freaks. It's an argument in favor of keeping the checkbooks out of the hands of women, if you ask me -- they can't be trusted.

    Nothing good can come of this.

  3. I have never seen what I would consider an "aesthetically pleasing boob job." They always look like the woman had two softballs stuffed into her chest.

    BTW, did you PhotoShop that picture? The more I look at it, the more unreal it gets.

  4. No sir, I did not 'shop the picture. Google "plastic surgery gone wrong" (or similar) and you'll find plenty of other examples of women -- and they are mainly women -- who have had so many procedures done that they look like alien species. Here's an example:

    W/r/t aesthetically pleasing boob jobs . . . the problem is you're probably spending too much time down at that Starz Cabaret. Not good examples there.

  5. I keep staring at that picture ... STILL can't believe it's a real woman ... are you sure it isn't one of those inflatable sex toys?


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