Friday, June 11, 2010

My First Win at Chess

My reader will no doubt recall that I had an encounter with one of Bend's infamous chess hustlers several months ago. He beat me in so few moves that I believe it is a local record.

Well, I've been practicing a lot and taking lessons.

Yesterday afternoon we met at Lone Pine Coffee in downtown Bend. While he was setting up the board for our weekly game, I said I was starting to wonder if this was worth it.

What do you mean? He carefully studied a knight.

I said that it sure seems like I've given him a lot of money for the lessons but haven't really gotten any better.

"Don't worry. These things take time, you would be surprised. People expect quick results, but grandmasters are not made quickly. It can take many, many lessons before things start to click, sometimes."

And you know what? He was right! We were only about six moves into the game when he suddenly resigned! I'm not sure what I did.

"You're a lot better," he said as he looked at his watch and scooped the pieces into their bags. He downed his cortado. "Lesson tomorrow, okay?"

You bet! I won one!

I'll keep paying him for those lessons -- they're worth it because he says it's only a matter of time before I'll be as good as him.

As usual, I paid for his coffee. He said it's traditional for chess students to do that.


  1. I think you were had by a great con....if you didn't know why he resigned, then I think he was setting you up for more lessons, kind of like the slot machine that gives you two bars and one cherry....that other bar is coming soon, just keep pulling on that arm...

  2. Was my tongue not firmly enough in my cheek when I wrote the post?


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