Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Was This Photo Taken at Bend Airport?

According to Air & Space magazine, this amazing head-on shot of a sweet DC-3 plane doing a "2g 40-degree pullup" right above the airstrip at Bend was taken in January 2007 by aviation photographer Mike Shore, who was being flown at 1,500 feet above the plane in a helicopter piloted by Sharon Vickers. The plane banked at 1,000 feet so as not to plunge everyone into a screaming, fiery death of twisted metal and burning fuel.

I'm not an aviation buff -- this didn't happen at RDM? This is the kind of stuff that pilots get to do at Bend Municipal Airport? If so, it gets added to my personal list of Bend Bragging Points, along with Pregnant Man, Balloon-Lawnchair Dude, Laundry Line Lady, OLCC's Mystery Man, The Shire, and of course, The Amazing UGB: it grows out of control and can't be killed!


  1. I think you forgot one for your Bend Bragging Points: the pooper-scooper who returned the dog poop to her non-paying client.

  2. Shopping monkey is right. That's a classic.

  3. The Bend UGB, aka The Blob That Ate Eastern Oregon

    Re the airplane: Doesn't the FAA have a rule against that sort of maneuver? Looks pretty damn scary.

  4. And the spitting llamas ....


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