Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pooting around Shevlin Park

Mrs Elliott and I took a nice little old-people bicycle ride up Shevlin Park's creek trail today. We saw where the mighty windstorm of '08 knocked down some trees, saw where the electrifying lightning storm of '09 burned out a chunk. There are now baby trees planted in that area.

In SoCal, a park like this so close to an urban area would be a mess, with huge firepits, heaps of trash, and groups of white or Mexican men glowering from the picnic areas. Here, some "vandals" decided to stack rocks into small towers in the creekbed -- ooh, scary! It's refreshing to live in a place where folk aren't driven to wreck stuff.

There are signs of spring in Bend's UGB: the deciduous trees in Drake Park are leafing, as are various trees and shrubs in our yard. But Shevlin Park's flora are hanging back. A cautious bunch.

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