Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spying on the Neighbors

"Spying on the neighbors again, dear?"

"Oh, Walt Ward -- I'm worried about the Beaver!"

Pursuant to yesterday's post about the new construction on the lot down the hill, Mrs Elliott and I did a little exploration.

Over on the Bend Economy Bulletin Board I asked whether one could access city construction permits records, and bendbb kindly replied,
You can search by address through monthly/yearly lists of permits here ...

or you can use the interactive mapping application here ...

The map interface takes a while to get used to (it isn't as intuitive as Google Maps), but has access to lots of historical data.
Which is an awesome tool. Using it, we learned that the lot just got approval for a single-family residence with attached garage, and that the owner is the contractor.

Mrs Elliott wasn't too happy about this. "I hope it doesn't block our view," she said. "We might have to plant a small tree so we're not looking into their windows. How tall will the house be?"

Another project. The city has added something called e-Plans which allows one to view plans online. I have a call into the city to obtain a password to access the file.

Yes, okay. We're spying on the neighbors.


  1. I sympathize fully. We had the Pahlisch "Sun Meadow" monstrosities built in the path of our view. (You should have seen that view -- gorgeous.) City had to change the zoning to allow higher density and two-story houses instead of one-story there. And of course it did change it, because in this town what the developers want the developers get. Especially if it's on the unfashionable east side -- Sun Meadow would never have gotten built on the west side.

  2. We've done some careful sighting and have determined that the new house will only be visible in a gap between two junipers from the kitchen and deck outside the dining area. A mid-sized tree will plug that gap nicely. We're thinking a Scotch pine. Or a Scotch on water.

    I expect that shortly the city will be providing me with the secret password to access the new house's online ePlans. It's gonna be a 3,700 square foot thing. Possibly a McMansion.


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