Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pipes and Drums Tonight in Bend

In case you are a fan of bagpipes, the Bend Firefighters Association will be playing downtown tonight, according to the association's Mike Caligure. There will be six pipers and four drummers (three snare and one bass).

This kind of ensemble can unleash a mighty sound. The players are all fairly new at their instruments so the resulting sound might be even more awesome, according to Caligure.

Folk usually think of Scotland when they think of pipes, but the instrument came to Scotland from Ireland (as story goes, the Irish gave the Scots bagpipes and whiskey, but forgot to tell them that the pipes were only a joke).

Our firefighters deserve all the support the community can give them. I'll show mine my hoisting a pint and cheering them on.

Here's the schedule:

6pm in front of the Bend Brewing Company,
7:30 pm at JC's, and
9:30 pm in the theater at McMenamins.

1 comment:

  1. Bagpipes are least then the deceased is spared.


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