Friday, March 5, 2010

Bye, Bye KOHD News.

Last night, over a straight-up blended Scotch at downtown's least-prestigious cocktail bar, I learned that that Chambers Communications in Eugene, who owns KOHD-TV, is shutting down their Bend-originated news broadcasts.

This is unfortunate. KOHD was Central Oregon's only high-definition source of news programming. (And when I say "high definition I'm referring to the video quality, not the reporting.) Mrs Elliott and I found their amateurish crew to be charming in a high-school production kind of way. They delivered every bit as much in-depth local "reporting" as KTVZ.

Which ain't much, of course. Sending cameras out for footage of accidents, events, and rancorous meetings doesn't really pass for investigative reporting, but that hasn't been a strength of TV news for decades now.

KTVZ is weird for us to watch. The overly made-up newscookies are creepily lit. Video processing gives them alarmingly bright eyes and teeth. They are like people with too much cosmetic surgery: they don't look quite human.

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