Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bacon Craze has Jumped the Shark

Jack doesn't eat bacon. Jack likes the taste of bacon, having been raised on the stuff as part of a normal breakfast, but Jack has endeavored not to eat animals for a while now.

Bacon has become more and more popular, Jack has noticed, as a flavoring for just about anything. Bacon-covered chocolate, for example.

But with the advent of bacon-flavored vodka, it's clear that the peak has passed.



  1. "Bacon-covered chocolate, for example."

    Was that supposed say "chocolate-covered bacon"?


  2. Um...maybe.

    Yeah, okay, that's what I meant.

    Add this to the list of my brain-farts, to in included along with me saying -- a couple posts earlier -- that John Hancock signed the U.S. constitution.

    Jack's brain farts -- collect them all!

  3. But given the current state of the bacon-flavored everything craze, bacon-covered chocolate is probably not out of the question. Deep fat-fried bacon-covered chocolate. Battered. On a stick. Wrapped in a pancake.

    Admit it: your mouth is watering a little bit.

  4. Can bacon-flavored beer be far behind?


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