Monday, February 15, 2010

Winterfest cold, not wintry.

That was the case on Friday night anyway. It would have been more fun if it had been snowing. Chilly wind without the fun of snow is somehow not charming. Being shouted at by US Cellular Rail Jam sponsors buzztag ("It's all about engaging customers and deepening the relationship. Your partners for Social Media | Branded Merchandise | Collaboration." -- whatever the hell that means) was less so.

As for Saturday, it was household chores. Washed the Westfalia VW camping van, hauled firewood ... stuff like that. We went out later that evening for dinner and a movie. Dinner was the Summit Saloon, movie was Crazy Heart. The former very satisfying, the latter exceptionally good.

IN OTHER NEWS, Mrs Elliott and I had a lovely Valentine's evening at the lodge in Sunriver. We like to make our anniversay, our birthdays, and February 14th special days together.

I'm working up the courage to get back into oil painting. I can't believe how difficult it is for me just to enjoy the process of painting without beating myself up for my lack of skill.


  1. "Chilly wind without the fun of snow is somehow not charming."

    I agree. In fact I would even go so far as to say IT SUCKS.

  2. Oh -- now I get it. We use the word "suck" differently. I wouldn't say that chilly wind without snow sucks. I would say that if one had been promised tropical weather but found oneself outside wearing nothing more than shorts and a fashionable tropical-print rayon shirt in a chilly wind -- now that would suck.

  3. I would've figured that you'd know by now that creativity isn't about skill, but then I remember your obsession with 'connoisseurship'.

    I used to jam with this technically excellent guitarist (think: A heavy metal Spock) and I once asked him if he could hook up with any guitarist for any lesson, who would it be, and why?

    He said he'd like to sit down with Satriani and ask him how to better make his feelings flow through his playing -or words to that effect.

    After I rebounded my jaw I dug through his music mags to find a then-recent interview with Satch that I had just read in which he essentially said he wished he knew how to do that very thing. My buddy thought he had missed it or had forgetten it; I thought it more likely that he'd scanned it in, and since it resonated with him he regurgitated it as his own idea.

    For the purpose of creative expression I'd rather be closer to Cobain than Satriani; If I got to pick I'd try to fall somewhere in the area of SRV.

    My buddy the technically excellent guitarist later got his engineering degree and sold all his gear- he just put down his guitar and to my knowledge never played again.

    Bob Ross had all the technique in the world, but is anybody actually interested in his happy little trees anymore?

  4. Robert: you pretty much nailed it there. Behind my fretting about skill is a deep doubt about whether there is anything in me that wants to be painted.

  5. Well said. People often ask me why I haven't written a novel. I guess I feel I don't have a novel in me that wants to be written.


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