Friday, February 26, 2010

Example of Bad Taste No Longer An Ongoing Embarassment.

It was with no little pleasure that I learned that the Hummer is officially dead.

If ever anyone needed proof that Republicans have no taste, all they had to do was point at a Hummer.

RIP you great big ugly symbol of tasteless excess, aggressiveness, and blatant dickishness.

You will not be missed.

To future generations, Hummers will look every bit as laughable as cars with big tail fins from the '50s look to us. Get ready: someday your grandchildren will ask you if people really drove such beastly things.

You read it here first.


  1. "...that Repulicans have..."

    HUH? What the fuck does a Hummer, or poor taste for that matter, have to do with Republicans? You know that a Hummer has the same chasis, motor, drivetrain, etc. (gets the same mileage) as a GMC pickup? Why don't people get so riled about them? Stupid post, Jack, to an otherwise typically pretty good blog. Oh, and I don't now, or never have, owned a Hummer.

  2. The GM pickup and the H2 might have been built on the same frame, but there's no way you can compare the two machines. At its worst, the truck is a man-statement for a weekend warrior, at its best it's a utility vehicle. The H2, on the other hand, served a single purpose: to flip the middle finger to anyone who happened to be in front of it.

    It was a sign of the bubble economy's worst excesses, a McMansion on wheels, the militarization of civilian transportation.

    I'm not saying that only Republicans bought H2s. But I'm willing to bet that the more likely a person supported the Iraq invasion, the greater the chance they might think a Hummer was cool.

    Thanks, otherwise, for the kind words about my blog.

  3. "What the fuck does a Hummer, or poor taste for that matter, have to do with Republicans?"

    Did you ever hear of a Democrat who owned one?


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