Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shovelin' Snow

Wow. I don't think anyone saw this much snow coming. KOHD's Adam Clark predicted "some flurries." The NWS said "Numerous snow showers in the evening... then scattered snow showers overnight. Breezy...colder. Local drifting snow in the evening. Snow accumulation of up to 2 inches. Storm total snow accumulation 2 to 5 inches..."

Snowed all day. Started to taper off about an hour ago, so I shoveled off the walkway and sidewalk. Nearly a foot of the stuff, too. Light as feathers, though. And pretty as a picture, even under the light of the streetlight out front. Other than the scraping of the shovel and my breathing, all I heard was the wind soughing in the trees.

Mrs Elliott ran with the Jingle Bell Run/Walk yesterday right before the Christmas parade. Today, I puttered, she spent the day in the living room, wrappin' presents.


  1. Jack, I'm hoping that's not you playing the Snow Fairy.

  2. Maybe it is, maybe it ain't. There's a clue in the post that can be used to determine how likely that's a picture of me or not.

  3. Those wings are hard to disguise, recognizable anywhere pretty much -- it's Mrs. Elliott, scooping the yard all clear.

  4. Nah, Mrs. Elliot isn't a wide load like that. Must be Jack.

  5. Jack is definitely a wide load like that.


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