Thursday, December 3, 2009

Learning One's Lesson

I made a big mistake last week. Mrs Elliott and I drove all the way down to the Sacramento area for Thanksgiving with the kids. I assumed I'd find good wines there to bring to the table. But the only place to buy wine in that wasteland of factory outlets and stucco neighborhoods was a Safeway. The main wine in their "Imported Wines" section was -- wait for it -- Yellowtail. The domestics wines section was simply depressing.

I should have brought a couple bottles of decent wine with me.

I have learned my lesson: I'm not going to count on finding good wine in Marina Del Ray on Christmas eve. I'll pack a couple bottles of good stuff in my suitcase before boarding that plane.

The tricky part is making sure that good stuff doesn't to to waste.

No one in the family knows good wine from bad, so those that drink wine pour from any bottle at hand, simply checking the color. This means that the good wine I bring often ends up in the glass of someone who has no appreciation for it. This is not just a waste of good wine: it means that I end up having to drink crummy wine blindly purchased by a non wine-drinker.

With a more discriminating group of people I could camouflage the good wine by pouring it into an empty bottle of a crummy wine, like Yellowtail, for example. But there are some there that buy Yellowtail. Even a Maneschevits bottle would not dissuade them.

There's nothing for it. I'll have to hide the good wine in a bedroom closet.


  1. I drank some Two-Buck Chuck the other day, but I forgot to think of you when I did it. : (


  2. When Trader Joe's opened I bought a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck out of curiosity. They should call it Two-Buck Upchuck.


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