Monday, December 14, 2009

Boy, That Was Really Bad

After dinner last night, Mrs Elliott and I dressed in our finest Christmas attire (handsome red sweater and nice slacks for me, black skirt and top with cute red jacket for her) and ventured out to the Tower Theatre to see Rita Coolidge put on a Christmas show.

The show was sold out. Outside the theater we came across someone we knew who was selling her tickets because she was unable to attend the performance.

She was the lucky one. The show was just terrible. Wow, it was bad.

The four-piece band was no better than a hotel lounge group. I'm not kidding, there wasn't a single interesting player in the band doing anything of interest, ever. And Coolidge, dragging behind the beat, sucked the life out of every song.

After three songs we were glancing at each other, rolling our eyes. After four songs we quietly discussed leaving. After five, we left.

We had hoped to be able to hear the Youth Choir of Central Oregon, who were on the bill with her, but the thought of listening to Coolidge and her band slog through another clum-footed arrangement of something dreary like "Jingle Bell Rock" made staying impossible.

We were home before 8:30.

Worst music I've ever heard in Bend. In fact, it was the worst music I've paid money to hear.


  1. "Worst music I've ever heard in Bend."

    Stick around, you'll hear worse.

    Bend isn't exactly the big time for performers. What we get are the ones who are over the hill and the ones who haven't yet made it up the hill.

  2. Bo doubt, no doubt. On the other hand, I've heard more good music here than I ever did in San Diego, where the music venues were either heavy-drinkin' clubs in the Gaslamp district, giant stadiums where no one who cares about music could possibly go, or charmless Indian casinos.

  3. I walked out of a Quiet Riot concert once... but I didn't pay to get in. :)



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