Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tasty Still Lifes

I've long been a fan of still lifes.

Isn't this pretty? That's "Tea Glow," a small oil painting by local artist, Katherine Taylor, who has recently been picked up by Lahaina Gallery in the Old Mill.

Lahaina has never been much of a destination for me when I'm looking for* fine art. They have some fine art there, but there's a preponderance of kitch: tourist art, hotel lobby art -- big, colorful cutesy stuff brilliantly executed. Lahaina is a cut above a Thomas Kinkade gallery, and miles above this creepy art gallery I once saw in Hawaii featuring paintings of clowns by Red Skelton, but they appeal to the same market base of punters who don't know art but know what they like, and aren't ashamed to spend big bucks on a picture better suited to greeting cards or a magazine cover and hang it on their walls.

But it's not all bad. Once you get past the pictures of bears dancing with butterflies, Lahaina also features some sweet pieces. I like Taylor's small, classic still lives and figurative studies.

"Tea Glow" is small, only 9 inches by 12 inches, but I'd rather have a small, excellent painting than a big corny one.

* I look for fine art. Alas, I cannot afford fine art.

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