Thursday, November 5, 2009

Art Mashup

If Bend's First Friday Art Walk ends before your bedtime, you might consider checking out Poethouse Art's hybrid art event which starts at 9:30. Called "Art Fusion," it promises to be an interesting mashup of live music, spoken word and LIVE painting - fused and formed simultaneously in a continuous feedback loop of inspiration. I've never heard of such a thing, it sounds like fun.

If you've not visited, Poethouse Art is worth checking out just for itself. Located on the second floor of the building on the SE corner of Bond and Minnesota (entrance is on the Minnesota side), the attractive gallery rents out -- on a sliding scale based on what the artist can afford -- small studio rooms for local artists to work in, as well as providing plenty of well-lit expanses of wall for exhibitions, which change on a regular basis.

Several months ago I saw an exhibition of local artist Ken Roth's very nice abstracts at the gallery, but I've not been by since May, mainly because I had my famous ankle blow-out. Now I've recovered enough to visit this upstairs gallery. So I think it's high time I dropped by. On account of there should be enough going on to keep Mrs Elliott out later in the evening.

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  1. Thanks for the good words - Should be a great night!


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