Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two in Drag, a-and a Theramin!

Poor Mans Whiskey's show at the Domino Room last night, "Dark Side of the Moonshine," was fantastic. I mean, dress up a bluegrass/rock group as characters from "The Wizard Of Oz," including Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch, a farmhand and I don't know what the drummer was wearing, give them two sets of kick-ass bluegrass and rock music with their bluegrass version of Pink Floyd's iconic Dark Side Of The Moon -- all of it -- sandwiched in the middle, then toss in a laser light show as well as a theramin (played by guitarist Eli Jebidiah) for the psychedelic song "On The Run," ...and you've got a show, my friend.

The hall was close to packed and the band ripped the place apart.

Mrs Elliott and I got there early, but not quite early enough to score seats at the balcony, so we had to sit a distance back, but found that sitting behind the light man on the balcony gave us a clear sightline of the stage, though one member of a group of very drunk young women next to us who apparently felt that the point of being at a show was to talk loudly and continuously with her friends, and on occasion attempt a bit of dancing which verged perilously close to tumbling into everyone nearby including the light control board 'bout drove Mrs Elliott crazy, but we're not so young that we'd care to spend the entire evening standing up in the crowd down on on the main floor so you get what you get in a venue like this.

It reminded me of the rooms I used to play in when I was in high school in Ventura, Calif. Dark, decrepit, and funky -- just the right kind of place for great music. The sound was pretty darn good though the bass was a bit flabby -- the opening and closing heartbeat on the album was provided by the kick drum and it didn't thud, it just blubbed.

Costumes were encouraged, but not many participated. Mrs Elliott suggested that I covered a couple plastic funnels we found in the garage with aluminum tape and fashion Tin Man hats for the both of us.

Dropkick Murphys is coming to town on November 8 at the Midtown. Celtic Punk is not exactly to Mrs Elliott's taste, so I'll be going stag to this one.

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  1. The perfect caption for that picture would be: "I might get old, but I refuse to grow up!"

    Nice tinfoil hat -- one of the best I've ever seen.


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