Sunday, October 11, 2009

So Close, Yet So Far Away

Has anyone been to the Abbey Pub up on Pence Lane (sorta kinda where College and Newport come together over on the westside)? I love Supporting Local, but this taproom pours beers from breweries from all over place. This intrigues me.

They're close to my house, but after a few ales I will not get behind the wheel of my car, and I'm not yet healed enough to ride a bike.*

Mrs Elliott would drive me there and back, but it doesn't seem appropriate to be picked up from a pub by one's wife. Kinda like having your mom pick you up after a rave.

I gotta get back on the bike.

* The penalty for riding a bike while under the influence is the same as as if you were driving a car. That I can live with. The advantage of riding a bike under the influence is that you are not likely to kill someone else.


  1. "I gotta get back on the bike."

    Lotsa luck with that, Jack, now that the Bend winter has arrived in all its suckitudinousness.

  2. Piffle. With the right attire and attitude I found it's easy to ride down to freezing. I don't ride on no ice, though, not with a titanium knee and a pin in my hip. Nosiree bob.

  3. "With the right attire and attitude I found it's easy to ride down to freezing."

    Ah, "attitude."

    Well, with the right attire and attitude and a good team of sled dogs it might be possible to cross Antarctica in mid-winter, but you won't see me doing it.

    I seem to lack that masochistic strain that's required to make one a true Bendite.


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