Monday, October 12, 2009

Man Bites Self In Ass

"Hooray," I thought. "Now that I'm no longer in California, I will no longer have to pay the Secretary of State the annual $800 fee for my LLC!"

The fees here are lower, and California provided nothing of any value to me for that annual fee. So I figured I was coming out smelling of roses and a little patchouli oil from the local hippies.

Except for one little thing: I didn't file papers to shut down my California LLC when I left the place in 2008. And forgot to do so once here.

So I owe the great state of the totally extinct since 1922 golden bear Ursus arctos californicus $800 for 2008, and $800 for 2009.

I suspect they have some kind of an agreement with Oregon that can make my life miserable if I don't pay the fees.

I know, I know -- I got no one to blame but myself.


  1. Apropos of nothing, Jack, why is it that we never learn Mrs. Elliott's first name? Does she not want to be associated with this blog?

  2. On account of it ain't nobody's business.

  3. It's 'Mrs.'. Can't you read?



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