Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chance Encounter Demonstrates Earth Smaller Than Previously Thought

While having a glass of excellent Côtes du Rhône at Melanie Bettie's Wine Shop and Tasting Bar on Minnesota St. last night, I struck up a conversation with pianist Eric Anderson who is here for the weekend, having been flown to Bend by Isabelle Senger to perform at tonight's High Desert Chamber Music's second annual gala. They'll be doing Moszkowski's Suite in G minor for two violins and piano.

I'm not familiar with the piece, Anderson told me that it's a challenge for him due to the demands it places on the player's left hand. Or maybe he was talking about another piece. He's a great conversationalist and add to that the conviviality of the wine bar and the general haze caused by a couple of glasses of good wine, and I confess that he might well have been talking about something else entirely.

There's a degree of separation at work here -- Anderson knows conductor and pianist Jeffrey Kahane, the Music Director of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. I shared a house with Kahane in San Francisco in the early 70's. A former life, for sure.

I recall Kahane as being gentle, intelligent, hard-working, cheerful, and generous. According to Anderson, Kahane is still that way.


  1. "the general haze caused by a couple of glasses of good wine"

    If you were hazy I bet it was more than a couple.


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