Monday, October 19, 2009

Central Oregon Provides Fine Weather for Season's Last Camping Trip

Though the National Weather Service was predicting rain and gloom for the past weekend, the actual weather turned out to be just perfect for a camping trip for my son and me. We found a sweet little site off USFR 23 at the base of Pine Mountain southeast of town, and had a lovely three days.

I discarded my ankle stabilization boot on the first day and have been doing without it since. I walk slowly, with a big hitch and a limp, and some pain, but things are improving.

That boot will be relegated to a corner of the house, rather like a grisly Victorian-era umbrella holder fashioned from the foot of an elephant. Likewise, I'll keep a couple spare canes or whatnot in it.

The camping gear gets put away now, the little Westrailia trailer gets a new blue tarp to keep it snug until next season.

1 comment:

  1. Sad to end the have the winter months to wrap yourself in a warm blanket & dream of next year's camping adventures with Mellow Yellow!


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