Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Belly Dancers

The Bulletin has a story today about a free belly dance workshop that was held downtown yesterday.

Am I the only guy that finds belly dancers kinda creepy? I certainly don't think they're hot. Like clowns, they are meant to provide amusement, but some people are freaked out by clowns. Or like someone's aunt who's had a little too much white wine at a party, dancing in a suggestive manner, thinking that she's enticing -- such women are worrisome.

Stay away from my table O fearsome woman with the jingly-jangly bits on your clothing. Do not attempt eye contact. I will pretend that this morsel of food in front of me is the most fascinating thing I've ever seen. I will not get up to join you and move awkwardly about the room, waving my arms in a silly fashion.

I am not nearly drunk enough for that.

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