Friday, September 4, 2009

My First First Friday

Tonight will probably be the last First Friday that isn't very cold. It will also be the first First Friday that I am mobile enough to be out and about. So Mrs Elliott will visit the shops and kick some tires and I will be poking around on my rented Bantex Knee Scooter.

It's a clunky device. You kneel on it with the bad leg. If either front wheel gets snagged, by and cracks in the pavement, pebbles.... heck, painted lines are almost sufficient to snag a wheel, the steering instantly heaves over in the direction of the snag without warning, threatening to pitch one off the scooter. So despite the apparent speediness that the wheels suggest, one moves carefully on all but the smoothest of surfaces.

BUT the Knee Scooter provides far more mobility than crutches or wheel chairs. All it needs is a backup beeper, some tassles on the handlebars, two tiny mudflaps with naked girls on them, a flower on the basket, and a squeeze-bulb horn and I'll be cruisin'.

$600 retail, $100 a month to rent, not covered by my insurance. Norco has 'em.

1 comment:

  1. "Tonight will probably be the last First Friday that isn't very cold."

    I wouldn't count on that. It's common for Bend to have nice Indian summer weather that lasts (if we're lucky) to the end of October. Of course this has been a freaky, erratic spring and summer, so who knows -- we could have a foot of snow on the ground by October 1.


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