Friday, September 4, 2009

Doc Greenlights Weight-bearing

The surgeon who performed my ankle fusion is happy with the healing and has given approval for physical therapy to wean -- the word he used -- me off the Knee Scooter and, presumably, onto two both feet.

The x-rays pleased him greatly. He pointed out various features which indicated how solidly the site has pasted itself together.

I've been babying the ankle and foot, keeping them well-protected from any weight or leverage which might cause things to pull apart.

So there I was, sitting on the examination table and Dr. Askew unexpected grabbed my foot and bent it about to show how the other joints in it will be taking up the slack for the now-fused joint. "See?" he said. "Your heel can bend and rotate like this, and these joints in the foot will bend like this!"

My heart just about stopped. Mrs Elliott went pale.

The fused ankle didn't move a whit, the other feety bones and articulations did. I expected pain. There was none.

Outcome studies on ankle fusions show a high rate of osteoarthritis in the foot years down the road, this due to the other joints having to compensate for an ankle that no longer flexes. So to minimize that danger I'll be wearing funny "rocker" shoes and orthotics from now on.

Bend's Fleet Feet and North Sole Footwear (no website?) both carry the special shoes. They're spendy, but a prosthetic foot is even more expensive. Ickier, too.

Time to call the folk at Rebound Physical Therapy and get the ball rolling.


  1. So, Jack, are you tired of this boring warm, sunny weather yet? Eager for our next seven-month winter to arrive?

    It'll start Oct. 31 on the dot. You can make book on it.

  2. It's getting a bit tedious. We were camping along the Crooked River this weekend and on Saturday the tattered remains of the storm that blew in from the Pacific passed overhead. There were gusts of wind and scowling clouds, but the storm was no longer packing enough gumption to do anything. I would have enjoyed some rain and bluster.

  3. Our warm Septembers and Octobers are partial compensation for winters that drag on into June. I'm beginning to think that Bend doesn't have enough unpleasant weather for you. Have you ever considered Fairbanks? The Falkland Islands? Tierra del Fuego?

  4. You just want me to be unhappy.

    Tierra del Fuego has fascinated me for years. As has Istanbul, for some reason. But I've read little to suggest that either is a delightful place to to live.

  5. "You just want me to be unhappy."

    Far from it! I'm trying to help you out, man.

    Apparently you think seven months of crappy weather a year isn't enough, so I was just suggesting a few places where you can enjoy 12 months of it.

    BTW if you want rain and bluster the Oregon coast is THE place to be. People actually go there to enjoy "storm watching." You can pay $200 a night to sit in your hotel room watching the wind, rain and waves. (And I mean BIG wind -- hurricane force.) I've never understood the attraction, but to each his own.

  6. Hope you're bearing up under this heat wave, Jack. I'm glad we have our bedroom ceiling fan -- it may not be an exquisite objet d'art, but it does the job.

    People who say Bend has four seasons are wrong. Actually those who say it has three -- winter, summer and fall -- are also wrong. It has two: winter, from November through May (and sometimes into June), and summer, from June through October. Seven (or sometimes seven and a half) months of winter, five (or sometimes four and a half) months of summer. No spring, no fall.

  7. Well, Jack, you should be happy -- the "interesting" (i.e. crappy) weather is about to return, about a month ahead of schedule.

    Looks like our annual seven months of "interesting" weather may be expanding to nine.

    My wife and I know a couple who own a place at Broken Top and one in Palm Springs. Every year they come back from Palm Springs later. We're wondering how long it will be before they stop coming back at all. Probably will happen as soon as the real estate market revives a bit and they can unload the Broken Top place.

  8. blackdog, I think it's time for you to start a "Blackdog's `I Hate This Weather And Hope You Do, Too!' " blog.

  9. Hey, I've been lovin' the weather all summer. I just wish we had a longer period of that "boring" (warm, sunny) weather and a shorter period of that "interesting" (cold, gray, drizzly) weather.

    And hey, how about that smoke today? Did somebody say something about Bend's clean air?

    Actually most of the time it IS pretty clean ... except in the summer and fall when we have forest fires ... and in the spring when the air is full of red dust from the pulverized cinders they spread on the roads all winter ... and formerly in the winter, with all the smoke from wood stoves. Fortunately the latter are mostly gone now.

    Get out there and enjoy what's left of what looks like our last decent weather for a while -- but remember not to breathe too much.

  10. Hey Jack, it's 40 degrees and snowing -- is this weather "interesting" enough for you?

    I give it three years before this gets really old and you and the missus are headed back for sunny SoCal.


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