Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Weekend's Posting

There's not much going on this weekend, so far. Certainly not much I can do, with one foot out commission.

Let's see, um, Mrs Elliott has been volunteering for KPOV at the Bend Elks games, flogging raffle tickets to raise a few kopecks for the station. I went to one of the games. I understand how the game works but don't find it very interesting. Doubtless a personal failing of mine, one I will have to continue to live with.

We've attended three or so of the Bend Memorial Clinic's "Munch & Music" events at Drake Park this summer. If you've not gone they are a perfectly acceptable way to spend a Thursday afternoon and evening.

When Mrs Elliott's nearly totally Republican family was here in late July, the music was by Rhythm Culture ( Reggae music. "Hippieland," one family member dubbed Bend, watching the crowd of dancers in front of the stage. But since 80% of America is to the left of her family, one expects comments like that.

Last Thursday saw the final M&M event for the summer.

At other Munch & Music events, we also enjoyed the Misty River Band (, and Soul Vaccination ( I've always wanted to play bass in a large R&B band, and it was fun watching those old silverbacks play grooves from the 60's and 70's. Tower of Power they ain't, but they chugged along right good. Chick bass player. And the excellent Empty Space Orchestra has a chick drummer. I love this area.

While here, one of Mrs Elliott's family members (unmarried, male) noted that there sure are a lot of pretty women here. He's right: it's something that Mrs Elliott and I have both commented on. I dunno what a high percentage of pretty women says about an area, but it can't be bad. There are certainly plenty of towns where one can go all day without seeing attractive females. Bend ain't one of them.

We just tumbled to the fact that there are still some free (as in $0.00) music events before the end of summer at Northwest Crossing's Saturday Farmer's Markets (10am to 2pm, until Sept. 12) featuring bluegrass (Moon Mountain Ramblers, today; "campfire pop" (Western swing?); W. African drumming and dancing; Japanese Taiko drumming; and soul/jazz and funk. Also some free Friday evening movies in the park, 5 - 9:30pm. See for more info on these items.

Don't forget about the upcoming 2009 Bend Roots Revival (Sept. 24 - 27) over at the Flaming Chicken roundabout on westside. Something like 50 local music artists and other performers on two or three stages. Promoting local talent. Free, free, free. Make a donation to help support local community organizations and keep this thing going every year. Food by Parrilla Grill, Victorian Cafe, coffee and snow cones and cookies. It is said there will be a beer garden.

Despite my out-of-commission foot, Mrs Elliott and I are in discussion about whether we could pull off a camping trip next weekend. We determined this afternoon that I can, by using a series of maneuvers found only in Victorian-era books about obscure, forgotten forms of Oriental self-defense, hoist myself into the passenger seat. So over the next week I will try to gather up the camping gear which got stashed away -- somewhere? -- last August when we first moved in. And I'll want to find a nice place to camp, someplace with ADA sites (smooth concrete for my wheelchair), quiet, secluded, views of water -- lake, river or stream. The missus is quite the camper, but I'm used to doing the heavy lifting so this will be "camping lite."


  1. "While here, one of Mrs Elliott's family members (unmarried, male) noted that there sure are a lot of pretty women here. He's right: it's something that Mrs Elliott and I have both commented on."

    This will get a lot of Bendites pissed off at me, but migration from California has greatly improved the local talent pool, looks-wise. That's just about the only thing that's improved in the 25 years I've been here.

  2. Love the Farmer's Market and the Moon Mt. Ramblers.

  3. Shoulda gone to the Farmer's Market; instead went to Wine on the River, which was $50 just for admission plus $2 per taste of wine. Was for a good cause at least, but not worth the time, much less the 50 bucks. Won't be back next year.

  4. You might have mentioned it before, but have you ever been to the free Summer Sunday concerts at The Schwab? The entertainment's usually pretty good and the atmosphere's delightfully mellow -- kids and dogs running around, people spinning Hula Hoops, families picnicking. I've seen people in wheelchairs there so I guess the handicapped access is okay. One caution: Bring an umbrella or something to keep the sun off, because there's NO shade and the sun can be intense.

    Used to go to Munch n Music in years past but lately it's gotten awfully crowded, and seems to have become primarily a place for teenagers to (in the parlance of our times) "hook up." (Not that I object to that, but I don't like having to elbow my way through the throngs.)


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