Monday, August 10, 2009

Marz, Astro, Chocolat e Gateaux -- and maybe Dudley's and Kitchen Complements

Warning: hearsay and rumor ahead. Lash yourself to the mast lest ye be swept to sea.

While I was out pergimpulating around downtown,
I met up with one of my little birds who told me that the owner of the Minnesota Ave. building which houses Chocolat e Gateaux, Marz, and Astro Lounge has Big Plans.

First, Chocolate e Gateaux has not has his lease renewed. The shop will be shuttered by the end of this coming weekend. The awning is already down.

The rent at Marz is said to have been raised 28%. This in an effort to get them out. I didn't learn what's going on at Astro, but since the owner plans to knock out all the dividing walls and join all three shops into one, Astro probably has been given unpleasant news, too.

Additionally, the owner has made an offer to buy the building which houses Dudley's and Kitchen Complements. Again, to bang down the walls and further open up the space.

Converting what was five small business into one big business.

And what kind of business might this be. Well, the fellow behind these machinations (described to me in rather unflattering terms, words I cannot use here in a family publication) is, it appears, owner, or son of owner, or part owner (unclear) of a winery which produces expensive wines. It is a large wine tasting bar/shop that he wishes to open.

I am not familiar with the winery. I Googled the name and turned up a boutique winery in Australia.

Jody Denton's not coming back ... is he?


  1. There will not be enough demand in this town in these times to support a large, expensive wine bar / wine shop. Sounds like another hobby business. The pity is this clown will put five businesses out of business to indulge his whim.

  2. I agree with blackdog. See my full comment as a response to HackBend's citing of this information at

  3. I am so sad that Chocolat e Gateaux closed-that is definitely a loss to the downtown scene.


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