Sunday, July 5, 2009

Zombie Movie Week

Next week is zombie movie week in our house. Mrs Elliott will be in San Diego for a conference, and so that I won't be staying here alone during my recovery, I asked Jim, my son, to spend his nights here during her absence. He's unmarried and lives with a roommate in NE Bend so staying here a few nights to keep an eye on his old man isn't much of a burden, and is a real nice favor.

The lad considers himself to be a zombie movie expert, so I proposed that he swing by Blockbuster on the way home from work every evening and pick up a representative example of the genre. He thought it was a fine idea.

A zombie movie a night.

To be followed by the short version of the day's stage of the Tour de France, of course. A man can't live by brains alone.

Mmmm -- brains.


  1. Hey Jack, are you getting tired of Bend's endless winters yet? Or do you enjoy having to wear four layers of clothing to venture outdoors in July?

    Yeah, yeah, I know -- all the Bend defenders are gonna say this cold is "unusual." Every time the weather here is crappy they say it's "unusual." Problem is it seems to be "unusual" almost all of the time.

  2. Watching DVDs is a good pastime in our "outdoor recreation paradise" because you don't have to put on the Gore-Tex parka and go outdoors.

    Years ago The Bulletin ran a story about how Bend led the nation in per capita video rentals. (It was VHS tapes back then). I bet things haven't changed much.

  3. Me likee this weather. I've had my fill of overheated days, thankyouverymuch.

    As my late mother always used to say (even when we weren't talking about the weather), "You can always put on more clothes but you can only take off so many."

  4. "You can always put on more clothes but you can only take off so many."

    Ah, but then you can jump in the pool!

    I have experienced the heat and humidity of East Coast summers and the occasionally triple-digit heat of California summers and I would take either one ANY time over the cold, gray, dreary and, above all, everlasting Bend winters. Give me a place that has an actual spring and an actual summer, where I can grow something in my garden besides juniper bushes, bark chips and rocks, and where I can play tennis without risking frostbite.

    Your wife already is sick of Bend winters and you'll get sick of them too, I guarantee it -- just give it time.

    About the only good thing I can think of to say about the Bend climate is that you get to use your fireplace at any time of the year. Think I'll light mine this evening and put some Christmas music on the stereo. Feliz Navidad!

  5. You may be right, I may someday tire. We've gone over this territory before. Right now I'm looking out the window in a southwest direction and loving the light of the westering sun on the clouds, and the pale blue of the sky. The junipers on the ridge across from me are dark and, frankly, it all looks lovely to me. So stop trying to kill my buzz, man! Go grumble to your barber about the weather. Speaking of which, I'm overdue for a haircut.

  6. Sorry, dude, wasn't trying to kill your buzz, just trying to inject a little levity.

    Speaking of buzzes, alcohol applied internally in liberal quantities helps a lot (although I guess you'll have to wait until you're off your meds to try that strategy).

    And when you're up and about I'd like to buy you some. You seem like a guy I could have an enjoyable and intellectually rewarding conversation with -- and I promise not to say one word about the weather. Bon soir.

  7. A kind and gentlemanly offer, sir! It isn't only the meds that make alcohol a bad idea, it's also the specter of me catching a crutch tip on something and taking a tumble, possibly re-injuring the ankle that is making me a teetotaler. Clumsy at the best of times, drink is presently contraindicated for this oaf. Once this silliness is safely past, I would enjoy hoisting a glass with you.


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