Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Screwed Up

I don't know whether anyone noticed a post I put up a couple weeks ago excoriating the Downtown Bend Business Association for the crappy flower pots they've got hanging around downtown.

I was well-pleased with my snide, sarcastic tone. I even bothered to go onto the Association's web site and research how much they spent last year (gorgeous displays of flowers) compared with this year's expenditure (a little less money for black plastic pots with some small flowers).

I sent a link to Chuck Arnold, of the DBBA, and he wrote back asking me why I hadn't checked with him before posting the article. The nice flower pots, it turns out, had been destroyed by that late spring hailstorm a couple months ago. The one that flooded the underpass on 3rd street.

The flower pots I was making fun of were the emergency replacements.

I'm here to tell you that I was a jerk for posting that article. I can't for the life of me figure out what I was thinking, to post that thing without checking with Chuck. Of course I yanked the post, and I apologized to him. And I've felt crappy about it since then.

There's no consolation knowing that maybe three people read this blog, it doesn't excuse me for being so thoughtless. And there's no way I can make it up to Chuck for putting a blemish on what might have been turning out to be a pretty nice Monday.

So all I can say is, yep -- I'm an asshole. I wish it was otherwise, but sometimes I just have to face up to it.


  1. Don't feel too bad, I'm pretty sure we all thought you were an asshole before that.

    Just kidding.

    I don't even remember that post...
    If I were you I'd blame it on the drugs.

    Of course, a non-asshole probably would've chalked it up to the economy. You'd think folks'd be pissed that they were buying flowers at all, nevermind cheap ones- or maybe it's just me.

    Ah well. I think all bloggers singe themselves like that eventually. Part of the seasoning process.


  2. Good job to you for posting the retraction. We've all stepped in it before. But we don't always get a chance to make it right.

  3. I hadn't even noticed the flower pots, to tell the truth -- either before or after the hailstorm.

    How's your health doing? Infection any better?

  4. @Robert: LOL. I try to keep my assholery well-hidden, at least from myself, so I can maintain my belief that I'm a real cool guy. But this slap in the face was my wake-up call to try to consider things from more than my own narrow viewpoint before judging; certainly think before pressing the "Submit" button.

    @imagesbyjk: Thanks. I struggled with what I could do try to make up for what I did. It was Mrs Elliott, my better half in most every way, who suggested that I post an apology, an amend.

    @Blackdog: Can't say about the infection. I lost my x-ray glasses decades ago -- they weren't very good at letting me see through girls' clothing anyway. I can say that the constant ache that I was experiencing while the infection was active is gone. Like an infected tooth or fingernail, it never stopped reminding me that it was there. It's a nice reprieve.

    Of course, just to keep things interesting, my lower back has been thrown out by trying to turn over in bed with this damn cinder block of a cast/splint on my lower leg.

    I'm just falling apart. I fully expect a limb to fall off or some horrible skin condition to erupt shortly. I recommended to Mrs Elliott that she start looking around for a suitable replacement for me.

  5. "I'm just falling apart."

    Welcome to your 60s, Jack.

    Popular saying is that 60 is the new 40. I have been 40 and I have been 60 and I can assure you that 60 is NOT 40.

    One thing you notice is that it takes a HELL of a lot longer to recover from an illness or surgery, and complications are more likely.

  6. Jack, I'm sure the screw-up bothered you a lot more than it bothered Chuck. Nevertheless, kudos for correcting it and apologizing.

    BTW how are you enjoying this heat? Ready to move back to San Diego where the temperature is a nice boring 75 degrees?

    But don't worry, you'll be freezing your ass off in four months and this will seem like a distant memory.


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