Sunday, July 5, 2009

Empty Space Orchestra -- My New Favorite Local Band

The Empty Space Orchestra was playing in Drake Park on 4th of July and while Mrs Elliott shopped for knick-knacks I got wheeled to the top of a grassy knoll overlooking the stage. I heard about a dozen songs and, frankly, the band is excellent. See them if you can -- their MySpace page is here.

I am especially taken by Lindsey Elias. Incredible drummer. Chicks don't 'posed to play that aggressively, complexly, and assertively.

She's my new hero.

She and bassist Patrick Pearsall sounded like they were locked. I can't be certain, because there was a fair distance between me and the stage, and his fingerstyle playing lacked enough crispness (from where I was seated, might have been just fine in front of the stage) for me to hear every note, but he and she sure seemed like they were a great rhythm section.

If I were asked (anyone? no?) ... well, anyway, if I were asked, I'd say that ESO's music could benefit from a little more empty space in the tunes: a few well-placed stops right where no one expects them. This is a band capable of starting and stopping on a dime, and they should take advantage of that rare ability.

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  1. Indeed, an excellent band. Read my thoughts (and watch video) here:

    Same link, but shorter:


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