Sunday, June 7, 2009

Winner of Best Wife announced

Mrs Elliott won Best Wife category this morning, by
  • Pulling eight inches of the infusion line for the now-empty Pain Pump out of the back of my knee, this despite being totally queasy about blood and stuff (amateur video showing it being done here - warning: gross),
  • Helping me wrap and tape my leg and its dressings into a plastic garbage bag so I could take a shower -- my first since last Tuesday, the day before my ankle surgery,
  • Changing the sheets on our bed while I was in the shower,
  • Giving me love and kisses and wifely affection after the shower,
  • Vacuuming the bedroom -- singing the whole time -- while I was dressing, and
  • Making a great breakfast for the two of us.
When I described to her everything she did for me this morning, she said, "You're right - I'd want me for a wife!"

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