Sunday, June 7, 2009

We Were Told There Would Be Balloons

I got a "day out" yesterday. Mrs Elliott rented a wheelchair with a leg lift for me from Norco Medical (and Welding) Supplies in Bend. I don't know how medical and welding supplies make sense together as two halves of a business -- large metal bottle of gases? -- but it's not as oddly disquieting as "Sickroom and Party Supplies" businesses.

Being as it was my first day out after the surgery, we went over to the Old Mill for the Balloons over Bend event Something cheap, cheerful, and festive seemed called for.

There were the usual booths selling tchotchkies, treen, and outdoor events foods. I bought a couple of tie-dyed t-shirts from the two Burns kids who own the We Dyed For You booth.

But there were no balloons. Not in the morning (we can see the Old Mill area from our house), not while we were there, not in the evening.

I've never taken a balloon flight and don't quite get the attraction; I've seen the brochures and what I gather is that you go up, you drink wine, you go down.

Yet balloons are festive, and it's fun to see them up, so I'm sorry they didn't fly.

Even without them, though, it was a pleasure to get out -- even if I had to be pushed about in a wheelchair. Little kids eye wheelchairs with great curiosity.

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