Friday, June 5, 2009

There Will Be Pain

The PainPump went dry sometime in the night.

The PainPump " designed to deliver medication directly to the surgical wound site or in close proximity to the nerves associated with the surgical area for post-operative pain management. The pain pump infuses the medication at an hourly flow rate or combination of an hourly flow rate and controlled bolus doses."

It was expected that it would be empty this morning, and I already had an appointment at Desert Orthopedics to get it refilled.

"Heck," I said over breakfast, "this thing has been empty since before I woke up at 5:30. I don't feel any pain from my ankle. Maybe I don't even need to get it refilled!"

"Let's go anyway," said Mrs Elliott, and handed me my crutches.

While I was gimping back to the examination room to get the pump refilled with another two-day's supply of meds, Mike Stahly, PA, said that it takes about 12 hours for the Pain Pump med to wear off and the pain block to be lifted.

Dashing my hope that the pain level wasn't going to be all that much.

This pump is only approved for four day's usage, beyond which the chance of infection goes up. So when it goes dry again on Sunday, I am to remove it and discard it. And sometime around Sunday evening, the nerves will begin sending their signals, unimpeded, to the brain.

"Will there be pain?" asked Mrs Elliott.

"Oohhh, yeah," he said.

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