Sunday, June 14, 2009

KPOV's Bday Party, Beatles Sing Along

Last night's Beatles Sing Along at the Old Stone Church -- a fund-raiser for KPOV 106.7 Community Radio, as well as the station's fourth birthday -- was a complete success by all measures.

Mrs Elliott co-chairs KPOV's fund-raising committee. In addition to taking care of me, still bedridden and crutch-powered, she put together over a dozen goodie baskets for the event's silent auction.

Each basket contained anywhere between $100 to $300 of gifts and gift certificates donated by local businesses including:
Angel's Thai Food, Applicance Doctor, Aveda Salon, Azu, Backporch Coffee, Bambini, Beauty Bar, Bellatazza, Ben & Jerry Ice Cream, Bend Brewing Company, Bond Street Barber Shop, Camalli Books, Caitlin Goodwin Personal Trainer, Chris Huffine Guitar Lessons, Christmas Valley Golf, Cosmic Depot, D&D Grill, Devore's, Flatbread Community Overn, Greg's Grill, Ina Louise, Jackson's Corner, Joolz, Kobra Corp., Lava Lanes, Local Joe's, Bend Distillery, McKay Cottage, Mother's Juice Cafe, Nature's, Newport Market, Parilla Grill, Paul the Computer Guy, Powell's Candy Store, Ranch Records, Richard's Donuts, Rival's, Riverside Golf, Strickly Organic, Suds and Shine, The Brew Shop, Thump Coffee, Victorian Cafe, Wild Birds Unlimited, Zydeco, 7-11 Stores third street, and others.
Mrs Elliott has done fund-raising for many, many years in SoCal. She's used to hitting up businesses for contributions, and has learned to expect some to contribute and some to decline.

What she learned here is that Bend is truly a community: everyone here said "yes."

The turnout at the Old Stone Church had the same feel of community: despite the terrific downpour of last night's thunderstorms the event sold out. It was packed. Old folk and young, the frail in their wheelchairs (me included), and the highly energetic, the cool and the unhip. The musical acts as well were diverse and whacky and quirky, and their willingness to put together a few Beatles tunes and show up in a rainy Saturday night to perform them for no pay was met by the crowd's enthusiastic singing and applause.

It was a 60's love-in replete with old hippie guys and chicks dancing.

KPOV's Michael Fischer (as "Sgt. Pepper" and sporting a genuinely atrocious British accent) and Strictly Organic's Rhoda Jones ("Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds") were the masters/mistresses of ceremonies, and both did a great job keeping the show going.

Everyone had a great time. I had primo seating in the aisle and, being the old hippie that I am, I sang and clapped along with everyone else.

Rick Miller, president of KPOV's board of directors, said that, "I heard people saying that this was the best event they had been to in a long time.....maybe ever! There was one lady who stood by me during a song, she was maybe 80 years old, and said, "Isn't that song on the Help album?" as she was swaying to the song. I think we truly touched the community last night."

Winner of Quirkiest Act goes to Canaan Canann. Cutest Sight was her mom filming the whole performance, grinning ear to ear.
Winner of Chunkiest Tune goes to Kousefly for their performance of I am the Walrus.
The Longest Guitar Tuning Ever award goes to David Bowers who apparently had a tuner failure and took, like, forever tuning his guitar by ear. It was a nightmare moment for him -- as he put it, like one in which he finds himself onstage, naked. Anastacia, who dueted two songs with David, killed time by telling jokes. "What does the snail riding on the turtle's back say? Whee!"

The little kids loved it.

Mrs Elliott worked super hard. She got me, all the silent auction baskets, and several dozen cookies she'd baked to the gig. In a heavy downpour. She looked cute onstage. She got us home. And withing a half hour, was sound asleep on the couch.

Today is her rest day.

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