Saturday, May 30, 2009

Possible misdiagnosis?

One thing about this blown ankle is that it feels like the ligaments and tendons surrounding the ankle are inflamed. The orthopedist who injected the cortisone into the joint says it's not possible, that it is the joint itself that is causing the pain. But he doesn't know how this ankle feels.

In the case of tendinitis, treatment includes cooling the tendons. In the case of osteoarthritis--the diagnosis the doctor is sticking to--treatment includes heat on the joint.

We've been putting heat on the joint with no improvement, in fact the joint felt kinda crappy afterward. So this afternoon we tried a bag of frozen corn, and my ankle liked it. At least it seemed to: hard to say for certain because the level of painkiller meds fluctuates throughout the day between pills.

Also, tendinitis presents with a lot of swelling of the tendons, and swelling is something my ankle surely has.

So I'm wondering whether this surgeon has the right diagnosis. I'll be seeing another ankle man next week for a second opinion and I'm not going to tell him about the first dx, I'll just give him history and let him examine the ankle and see what he comes up with.

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