Friday, May 1, 2009

Owie - Ankle Shot

My poor degenerating right ankle has reached the point where it's nearly bone on bone. It was trashed in 1980 in an auto accident and I've lived with the limited range of motion and chronic pain since then. Nearly three decades.

Anyway, Dr Holmbue at The Center took one look at the X-ray and declared it the most messed-up ankle he's seen in a long time. Offered to either open me up and fuse the ankle bones together or shoot in some cortisone to reduce the inflammation and the pain.

I selected the latter.

Got the first shot today. This x-ray picture was taken while the needle was right in the ankle joint (the syringe is points up from about the 7:30 position). Yeah, it's gross.

Ow. It hurt a bit, but he expects a reduction of pain. I hope he's right. The shots can't be given more than every three or four months or so. I'll stick with this until they no longer work, then consider that ankle fusion.


  1. I munched my left ankle almost fifteen years ago now, and of course several times since because of its being weakened. I should have had surgery but it was 'too swollen' by the time I made it to the orthopod (what I call them bone doctors). I didn't have it done afterwards because I couldn't afford to be on disability that long (whose idea was it that you can live on 66% of your income when you're injured?)
    I walked right out of that cast; by the end of the month it was just junk.
    I also have two trashed knees. I'd probably have three but for the fact that I only have two legs. I move around all right for a middle-aged fat guy at the moment but I'm afeard of what's it going to be like when I'm old. I'm going to start yoga here eventually... someday... sometime. : /

  2. If you do a little Web research you'll find that cortisone shots work only about 50% of the time.


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