Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bistro Corlise Shutting Down, Me Sad

It's hardly news now that Bistro Corlise is closing. Mrs Elliott and I went by last night to taste, for (probably)  the last time, owner Jason Logan's amazing cooking. And again, we were captivated by the delicate, light, richly-flavored and textured well-balanced food that he has so consistently delivered. 

We are neither of us well-heeled enough to have been frequent customers, but when we could, we dined there. The food and wine always exceeded our expectations, and sometimes wildly so. 

Bend apparently did not embraced Bistro Corlise, for whatever reasons. Not flashy enough for the big spenders? Fear of French cooking? Our opinion was that they needed a more cheerful and inviting front window, and the main dining room always felt a bit dark and gloomy to us. John Gottberg Anderson reviewed Bistro Corlise for the Bulletin (March 1, 2008) , and wrote "A pleasant space, but it feels empty. Request a window table," and the decor, "...pleasant, if understated...". 

Jason is quoted as saying, "In the end, it’s just about flavor." Which be a summation of where his priorities were. Flavor his food always had, in abundance. However, decor certainly has an effect on how people feel about a restaurant. So maybe with a little more attention on the dining ambience, they'd still be in business. 

Or maybe not -- the economy has been rough on all the better places. 

It's mootable but beside the point. For us, the service was always excellent and the food, as I have written about before, simply spectacular. 

We'll miss Bistro Corlise.

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  1. Super sad. The people and place was food and wine I could trust. That's all I need when spending my money. The trust says it all.


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