Saturday, February 28, 2009

$48 Spark Plug Wire

We're still not yet fully settled into our new house here in Bend, and I don't have access to all my tools and spare Vanagon bits and pieces. So when the engine started missing on one cylinder all of a sudden four days ago I knew that trying to sort it out myself might take too long, esp. since I've picked up a couple side gigs to keep the cash flowing. The O2 monitor on the dash was vibrating rapidly and leaning toward rich, so my guess was a fouled plug or bad plug wire. Or maybe a problem in the dizzie. Anyway, I took Mellow Yellow to Steve's Place, on SE 9th Street, yesterday morning and dropped it off. He called me a couple hours later. Bad plug wire. Same brand he sells, he's had no trouble with them. Go figure. 

I rode my bike over to pick up the van -- a beautiful sunny day in the upper 30's (F), a lovely day for a bicycle ride. $48 dollars later and the mighty roar of Mellow Yellow's 1.9 l engine has returned. 

Yeah, I could-a fixed it myself, but sometimes a fellow just doesn't have the time, tools, or parts within easy reach. Besides, $48 goes into the local economy ($40 for labor, $8 for the part). Steve said that he has seen a reduction in business, but he does get a steady stream of customers, mainly because he is mentioned on all sorts of VW blogs and websites as a reputable place to get service work done. I'm mentioning him here, again, because he does fast work and knows what he's doing.

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