Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Must. Wake. Up.

I haven't been feeling inspired blog-wise lately. I usually need a couple weeks to recover from the holidays. I'm not good at small talk and if there's a skill that one needs to survive a couple days in close proximity to the in-laws and their extended group of relatives and friends, it's the ability to make small talk. Lots of it. And I suck at it. 

So what saves me is preparation. As in: bring a couple bottles of wine. "I only drink to make other people seem  interesting," said George Jean Nathan, New York theater critic and founder of the American Spectator. 

It's a sentiment I can easily identify with. 

As a result, the holidays leave me feeling a little overfed, hung over, and sluggish. Still trying to wake up here. 

Say, I saw a segment on KOHD news (I think it was) about Oregon's DUII laws. Jeepers -- first offense is $5,000??? Yikes. 

That confirms that my habit of walking, cycling, mooching, or cabbing after a couple pints or glasses of wine is a good one. I just got a little breathalyzer for my keychain and plan to use it for a reality check whenever I'm out of an evening with Mrs Elliott. 

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