Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Lazy Sunday

I managed to sleep in today! I made it to 7:30! Yay! I'm usually up somewhere before six and six thirty so even sleeping in another hour feels quite luxurious. Mrs Elliott, unlike me, seems to have a nearly endless capacity for sleep, and I usually try not to awaken her on weekends. 

Unless I want someone to play with. 

And it was beautiful outside today. Two inches of pure white snow had fallen and everything was light outside, even under the overcast. 

So I had to wake my wife, so we could get dressed, so we could get in the car, so we could go out for breakfast, and mainly so we could look at everything covered with new snow. 

I applied the paddles and by and by she came to life, she stirred, roused herself, and got dressed so we could get in the car and go out for breakfast mainly so we could look at everything covered with new snow. 

I wanted to try Jackson's Corner for breakfast. Mrs Elliott had turned me on to them a couple days ago when she suggested we try them for lunch (very nice). 

I saw an ad for the place in Gusto magazine, one of those heavy glossy four-color promotional books that every town I've ever lived in has. Since they are usually given away for free, these publications make their money from advertising, which makes their restaurant "reviews" completely useless. 

(Sidebar: I know one well-regarded chef whose downtown restaurant has never received a Gusto puff-piece "review" despite his advertising heavily in the magazine. Maybe they didn't like his place and followed the rule that if one cannot say anything good about a place, it's best not to say anything? Or maybe he didn't achieve that subtle balance -- that balance between sucking up and making the editor feel like he was darn lucky to be in the presence of a great chef -- which is required to garner glowing reviews?

No telling.)

But I wander! Up and down subordinate clauses, lost in metaphoric tangles (both metaphorically and in reality) ... I worry that I drift away from my point. 

Oh yeah -- I don't have a point. Time to start the soup. I have some Wookey Hole cheddar, navy bean soup, and a pint of Murphy's stout awaiting my attention. 

So, to wrap up this ramble, Gusto had a nice shot of a Jackson's Corner breakfast, which motivated me to try them, which is why we went there. 

We had fritattas, an unfortunate scone,* kombucha and coffee, and read the Sunday Bulletin at Jackson's Corner. 

Breakfast wound down, we drove home -- with KWAX FM on the radio -- to where I had some honey-does** to take care of.

Opera's playing in the background, it's snowing outside, a whole flock of nearly 100 american robins (pictured above) have laid siege to the junipers in the backyard, and lunch is calling. 

Hope you're having a nice day, too!

* I'm pretty sure a scone is not meant to have the texture of a cake. Some in town do, though. Sigh . . . maybe it's time to start reviewing scones in addition to espresso and stout beers. 

** "Honey-do's" or "Honey-does"? I'm torn. The former is a possessive. We're looking for the plural form of "honey-do." But "honey-dos" looks like the name for a sticky early (d)isk (o)perating (s)ystem. [Update Jan 26 -- My brother, the smart English teacher, writes to say, "First, of course, `Honey do' is short for `Honey, do this' or `Honey, do that.' The apostrophe, however, in `Honey do's' connoting a plural is wrong by rule (apostrophes only being acceptable when used to make a letter plural as in `Mind your p's and q's') but correct if one wants to avoid a pronunciation shift that would cause confusion as in `Honey Dos (DOS?) Unfortunately, the MLA (Modern Language Association) only sez the aprostrophe is correct for letters and incorrect for abbreviations (MBAs, PHDs) and numbers (at 6s and 7s, though these should be spelled out, okay then, as in it takes 12 12s to make one 144). No word on the apostrophe for for Honey do's. Seems right, though. Especially after a vowel."]

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  1. Nancy P's supposed to have some good scones, though I've heard that Bend's climate (or something like that) is not well suited to scone making. Finicky stuff I guess. Best scones I've had are at the Cup & Saucer on Hawthorne in Portland. Delicious little things with a hint of vanilla.


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