Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Got Taken

Dang. I just got scammed for $3,700. And it was my own darn fault, too. A fellow in Singapore placed an order on January 8 for some product, and provided a credit card number. I called American Express to confirm the card's ownership. Amex verified that the customer's name was a match, gave me a charge authorization number, and I ran the card. 

To fulfil the fellow's order I contacted my vendors for the needed parts, and proceeded to build the item the customer ordered. 

Fortunately I haven't yet shipped the goods. Because I got a call this afternoon from a fellow in Nashville who found the charge on his card and my company's name. His wife's last name is the same as the last name of the Singaporean scammer. 

We had a real nice conversation, I told him what happened, and he understood. He's contacted Amex to dispute the charge, which is as should be. 

I called Amex to ask wtf? 

The nice man reminded me that one of the terms of my merchant agreement is that I must only ship goods to the card billing address. Knowing that, it's my responsibility to check, so when I had Amex on the phone I should have not just asked for a name match, but to confirm that the shipping address provided by the scammer matched the card's billing address.

They'll be sending me a letter asking me to explain my side of the story (there isn't one), then they'll do a chargeback in about 30 days to make the cardholder whole. 

Sigh. Lesson learned.  

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  1. Which address in Singapore? I go back there once a year... ok that has been the case but I'm likely to skip it this year, I think. Anyway if I do go back, I will take a broom with me to hit that fellow for you!


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