Monday, December 15, 2008

"Central Services! Troubles with your ducts?"

I've written earlier about the poor heating this house has. Read all about that here, here, and here

The basic problem is that the original heating for the living room, dining room, and kitchen is broken. These rooms were built with radiant heat ceilings which no longer work and which are unrepairable, since the break(s) in the heating wire(s) could be anywhere in the hundreds of square feet of ceiling. 

There are little wallmounted Cadet  electric heaters in the walls, but they are glorified hair dryers and nearly as noisy. 

So I'm stealing hot air from the downstairs wood stove fireplace insert using an elegant ducting arrangement, as shown in the photo. 

The air coming through that duct is aided by a duct blower, mounted near the ceiling, and it runs about 150F when the wood insert is burning well. 

Still and even so, there's a lot of square footage upstairs and about all we can get is 68F in the living room. That's with outside temps above freezing. This week we're seeing teens and single digits temps, so I'm spending a lot of time hauling wood from the stack beside the house. 

Gives a man something to do when it "looks like we're living inside a snow globe," as Mrs Elliott exclaimed this morning. That, and shoveling snow. 

And we're getting quotes on installing a small forced air furnace in the garage to service the kitchen, dining and living rooms. Fortunately, the ceiling heaters work fine in the bedrooms though I must say that it is totally weird to feel the heat "shining" onto the top of ones head when one walks into a room with those things on. 

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