Saturday, November 22, 2008

So Simple . . . Once You See It

"The address is on Emerson Street and 3rd," Mrs Elliott said this morning. She wants to check out a holiday market or something and found a advert in this week's The Source. "Where is that in relation to Franklin?"

So I fired up Google Maps and found Emerson one block south of Franklin. One block farther was Dekalb. 

Hey, wait a minute. They're in alphabetic order! 

This is something that probably anyone who's lived here for more than a week has noticed, but I'm a little simple sometimes.

Alden, Burnside, Clay . . . Underwood, Vail, Webster, Xerxes (I like that) . . . but no "Y"? Oh yeah, there's Yale on the other side of the parkway. Only "Z" seems to be missing. 

Now I wonder if a "Z" street was ever planned but never happened, or what. 

But finding this pattern in the street names was gratifying. 

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