Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seeking Used Mountain Bikes

"We sure have a lot of bikes," said Mrs. Elliott. 

She's right. We each have little road bikes, and we each have town bikes. The latter are more upright with shopping baskets and somewhat fatter tires than the "pizza cutters" on our road bikes. That's four. Then my son also has two or three bikes around the place. Adds a lot of clutter. 

But even so, we'd like a couple of entry-level mountain bikes for some of the easy trails around here. The town bikes just can't handle your fatter 26'' tires. 

So we're looking on craigslist for some affordable used mountain bikes. Problem is that both of us are small (I'm 5' 6'', she's 5' 2'') so we need small bikes. Most of the folk posting bikes for sale on craigslist don't say what size their bikes are so I email then and ask them to measure them. 

To make it easy for sellers to know what I'm looking for, I'm posting this information: 

Step 1. Adjust seat so that Dimension "A" (pedal at bottom to top of seat) is 33 inches.

Step 2. Measure Dimension "B" (handlebar to top of seat right above the seat post). Anything much more than 24 inches is too long for me. 

For Mrs. Elliott, Dimension "A" wants to be 31 inches, and "B" wants to be about 21-1/2 inches.

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