Thursday, September 4, 2008

This, That, . . .

... and the other thing. 

Department of Miscellany, Dept. 
  1. Bend's water -- do I smell a tiny whiff of sulfur in the shower water? Where does the city get its water? Are there maybe sulfurous hot springs involved? [Addendum: In an earlier version of this post I managed to misspell "sulfur" and "sulfurous" respctively as "sulfer" and "sulferous." A tip o' the hand-knitted toque to Jake de Villiers of Crescent Beach Guitar for catching that error.]

  2. Is there a map someplace that shows where Bend's rafting shuttle bus picks up and drops off? There's a pickup/dropoff place at Drake Park & it would be nice to know the other spots. This upcoming weekend is shaping up to be right nice, and I promised Mrs Elliott that we'd do some floating.

  3. Of course, we also have to attend the Sisters Folk Festival this weekend: One of our favorite groups, the Wailin' Jennys, will be performing. 

  4. Jeepers, our Bend Garbage & Recycling fellow is nice guy! We've generated a stupendous amount of detritus and rubbish from the move here. Boxes, loads of old paint and wiring and weird shit that the previous owners left behind in the garage, even odder items found in the back yard. It's all been toted out to the front near the sidewalk, and I was planning to find someone on to pay to come and haul it away. But this morning, when our representative from BG&R came by for his weekly round of picking up trash, he took the time to explain to us how we could arrange to have BG&R send out an open-back truck--no charge--and cart that stuff away. Sweet.

  5. Do any of the breweries in town offer a dry stout? I, for one, am a fan of dry stouts with their low ABVs. Enough with 9% alcohol by volume brews that force me to take a nap after two beers.

  6. We had a lovely evening last night. We picked up food items at the Wednesday Farmers Market at Mirror Pond (fine ciabattas and bread sticks from The Village Bakers' booth, some superb goats cheese [not chalky, but smooth and spectacularly tasty] from a vendor whose name I cannot recall, and lavender-infused lemonade) and parked ourselves on the patio in front of Bellataza to enjoy said viands. Mrs Elliott bought coffee to justify our taking up a table.  There was a group of motorcycle guys (one had a motor scooter) at the next table also enjoying theirselves. I've seen these guys before, they seem to be friends. Watched the younger folk mingle and show off and eye each other and vie for attention. Some young vagabonds with backpacks parked themselves on the patio and hung out panhandler signs and generally made no trouble for anyone. A place with a center, like Bend, is a magnet for folk whereas places with no center, like many places in SoCal, are desperately uninteresting and dreary. 

  7. Fellow came by today to look at fixing up my Ladybug (brand) trailer. That little trailer did such a fine job of carting my possessions from SoCal to Bend behind my Vanagon that I'm rewarding it by having its fiberglass body parts patched and polished. I'll also have some mods done so the top cover can be removed, making it a useful platform for hauling kayaks or other floaty things. 

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