Monday, September 8, 2008


What's up with fuckin' moths around here? Our house doesn't have much in the way of window screens, and while there are parts of the country where screens are absolutely required because the bug population density is so high, the arid places I tend to live are not so buggy and I've never worried about the occasional visitor that wanders in by mistake. 

But every night for the past couple weeks there have been easily a half dozen dark gray moths batting about the ceilings. And these small black waspy-looking critters. Don't sting, near as I can tell, but they do make teeny little high-pitched squeaks if they become anxious. 

Now I like moths and other tiny multilegged critters as much as the next fellow. Maybe I even tolerate them better than most because I seldom ascribe malevolent motives to the little guys. This is just a higher small winged nonvertebrate count than I am used to. Any entomologists out there?


  1. You're losing me Jack.
    I understand how things coming in the windows can be a concern, but what problem are you trying to solve? Is there one?

  2. No problem with the critters, only with my ignorance about who/what the are. In my foreign country of SoCal, I knew the common names for the local bugs. These are new to me. Need to get a critter book.

  3. How about posting pics of the crawlers in question? I'll help look them up. Once names are found or assigned, sleep can be more comfort. I know how that can be....

    Whatever happened to bethileptic and the inquiry about socks with toes?

  4. The waspy-looking critters could be a type of clearwing moth.

    Maybe you'll be able to identify your night visitors here:

  5. @ news junkie: Thanks for the link! Fascinating variety of mothies in the PNW.

    That waspy-looking critter was no moth, that's for sure. The wings were not at all mothlike and the body was that of a wasp, complete with pointy downward turning butt which brings a stinger to ones mind, but could have easily housed an ovipositor.

  6. Well, good grief, you don't want those buggers positing their ovi's in your house do you?!

  7. Well of course not! I mean, once you let them do that, then heavens! Next thing you know you got wasps carousing with loose women, listening to loud music in wasp honkytonks and road houses, coming home drunk late at night, wasp children being born out of wedlock -- and then there goes the neighborhood. Need to nip this behavior in the bud right now!

  8. Ick. ....control freaks, both of you. Whatever happened to live and let live? And the stinging, who's to say just because it's equipped to that it ever gets used? You wake up with any sting marks?

  9. @ closerOK: You're still not getting me. I have no problem with the critters other than my curiosity about what kind critters they are. I fear no stinging, I am the sort to carry spiders and other small guys out of the house when women and children ask for help.


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