Friday, September 12, 2008

Local Resources

So far, Bend has all the resources I've needed for my business and personal needs. But a couple of days ago, when I was gathering my gear for a nighttime shot of Bend's Gasoline Alley* after dark, I discovered that the quick release post for my Slik U-212 tripod had gone missing in the move. Without this little part there's no way to mount my camera on my tripod. So I checked online and in the Yellow Pages for a photographic supply house, and found nothing other than Ritz. Ritz is fine for touristy stuff but I've never seen them carry anything like Slik parts or even good sturdy tripods. So I had to use my weenie little travel tripod, which isn't nearly as stable as my larger one, and stability is important for long exposures.

The shot came out pretty good (rough develop below), but I want to try it again with a steadier tripod as there is some motion blur, and I want to catch the moon in the sky down the alley. I reckon that'll be sometime between the next new moon and first quarter.

* Thanks to Dunc of Pegasus Books for providing the name of the alley. It doesn't show up on Mapquest or Google Maps.

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