Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Driveway Goes In

Some anonymous person at the Bend Economy Bulletin Board was of the opinion that the guy that I hired to put in the new driveway to the new outside door at our house wouldn't even show up, that instead he'd send over some $10 hour employees to take care of the job once he'd gotten the contract. Nope, it didn't work out that way at all. James Bevier of eponymously-named James Bevier Construction supervised the excavation last week, put the forms into place himself, and was out yesterday with one seasoned hand (and a visit from a giant cement mixer, putty-putty), pouring and shaping the driveway and sidewalk himself. That's James in the background of the photo, seasonend hand in foreground.

The driveway and sidewalk look great, and were brought in on time and within budget. Except that James found that he needed to rent some kind of pump that cost him $260 and he asked me to split it with him.

Sure -- why not?

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