Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tenting and Tasting

On Friday the fumigation company showed up bright and early to tent the house so they could fumigate it to take care of the termites that the pest inspection turned up. So Mrs Elliott and I checked into the Temecula Creek Inn, a nice golfing/tennis resort about an hour away. I neither golf nor tennis (is "tennis" a verb? it should be, since "golf" is) and don't see the appeal of a place where the only thing to do is golf, or tennis, or buy attire for golfing or tennising. But I know how to have fun anyway: we went on a six-hour tour of five Temecula Valley wineries.

Temecula, like just about anywhere in SoCal, is too bloody hot for grapes like Pinot Noir and cabernet, but they make reasonably good dessert wines -- I vaguely recall buying a bottle of a very nice ruby port. There was also a syrah that impressed me. Buying anything else before going to Bend would be like hauling coals to Newcastle. They have some mighty fine wines up there.

Newport Market in Bend has a fine wine selection, but they are a bit pricey for me, and I didn't find any good values in sub-$10 wines when we were last there. I probably just need to find their wine guy to talk to. If not, there's always Trader Joes: I paid my last visit to the Oceanside TJ's today. Greg, the wine guy there, has always helped me find the good values in domestic reds, and when we started talking about Bend, he said that Chris, a fellow that had worked at this TJ's a couple years ago, was now working at the Trader Joe's in Bend. I promised to say hi.


  1. I'm very curious to know if you would still have chosen to move to Bend if there was NO TRADER JOE'S here. It seems Cali's go into withdrawals if they don't have a TJ within a day's drive.

    Personally, I simply do not understand the allure of that store.

  2. Oh, you betcha. We had already settled on Bend and had the offer on the house long before I started to look into what amenities the community and nearby areas had to offer. TJs has plenty of things that we can't find elsewhere, many of which we prefer over your standard supermarket items. So to us it's a bonus that Bend has one-a them stores.


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