Sunday, August 17, 2008

Massive Trucks Invade Quiet Neighborhood, Avoid Conflict

Everyone is asleep now at the end of a very long day of unpacking 48 combined feet of truck. Even Jim's trailered Jeep Cherokee was jammed full of stuff, Joad family-style. Note vintage Raleigh and current-model Flying Pigeon bicycles on rack.

If anyone in Bend can recommend a bike shop that can help my son get these funky old-school (Raleigh) and odd (Flying Pigeon) bikes back into running condition, please leave a comment.


  1. Hutch's on Galveston, right next to/behind 7-11. Such a cool place, great guys, great service. I've taken my 79 Peugeot there for a tube and tire, nothing major yet. Talk to Scott, tell him Brendan recommended him/Hutch's, he'll hook you up.

    Jeez, the more I talk about Bend, the more I like it here again. :) Familiarity can breed contempt you know. . .

  2. That sounds about perfect -- thanks! I'll send the lad over. He wants to get his mountain bike working so he can ride to the Beck/Cold War Kids, two of his favorite acts. I bet Hutch's can get him up and running easily (I looked at the problem, a simple fix for a bike shop). His Raleigh will be a tad harder to sort out, but that Chinese Flying Pigeon with pushrod brakes may be a real head-scratcher for them. I'll report back on that one.


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