Thursday, August 21, 2008

Improvement by Increments

Today was just a "forge ahead" day: I found an excellent guy to become my new technician: Mr. Bob Hunt, who seems to have all the requisite electronics and mechanical knowhow to fit right in. He passed his soldering test with flying colors and did a brilliant job of understanding my circuit designs. He and Dai spent the day building the assembly benches and installed them into the shop. Paul "The Computer Guy" knocked the bugs out the house network and got my business machine up and running in the office, so I can finally move myself and my work table out of the dining room. This will make Mrs Elliott happy.

And Mrs Elliott does need some serious cheering up: The phone system is still not 100% and Jodie of TTC blames the hardware: her theory is that the Samsung PBX hardware was damaged in shipment by not having been bagged to prevent the little styrofoam packing peanuts from drifting inside the chassis and possibly causing electrostatic damage to the sensitive chips on the circuit boards. An alternate theory is, of course, that Jodie doesn't know what she'd doing. We can't tell. This has Mrs Elliott totally bummed out because the hardware cost her $8,000 and she's up to nearly $5,000 in tech time (which also includes hardware install, etc., but it's the time she's shelling out while Jodie troubleshoots the system, dumps and reloads the programs, and so on, that is frustrating Mrs Elliott).

On the Deck, Dept. James Creel, the deck guy (see earlier posts) popped over to see if the deck is ready for staining, we need a few days of dry in a row. We're looking at several dry days coming up so he'll come over this weekend and finish up that project so we can move our patio furniture outside and reduce the in-house crowding.

The locks have all been re-keyed by my smart son, Jim, who was trained in locksmithing at his last job. We decided to master-key the shop's new exterior door so employees could be given keys. He doesn't have a pin set so he took the locks to Bend Lock & Safe and did some of the work on them there, thus demonstrating to the owner his background. Fellow said he was hiring in September, maybe Jim can get a job there doing what he enjoys. In the meantime, he's applying at Newport Market, they need late night staff and he has two years' experience working in grocery stores. Hey man, work's work and it does young people good to feel productive.

AND the electricians wrapped up the wiring in the shop: five new circuits off the subpanel, an exhaust fan for when the smell of soldering flux becomes too much, and a box above the new exterior door for a porch light.

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